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Arche Shoes’ industrial site near Paris, in France, nestling among the Castles of the Loire Valley, Château-Renault offers Arche an entirely modern production unit. Equipped with cutting-edge tools employing the very latest technologies, the company has also combined the management, administrative and sales services there.

Manufacturing Arche shoes requires about one hundred manual operations. A team of qualified men and women who are passionate about their jobs perform these operations that are the guarantee of quality, and a demonstration of unique skills. They devote all of their expertise to adding the designer detailing that you deserve in a shoe or boot.

An artisanal manufacturing spirit, supported by strict and perfectly controlled industrial procedures.

Arche’s first secret of success for the past 40 years has been its Style Office. An integral part of the production unit, it works on anticipating the fashions and trends of tomorrow. Drawings of new designs, the creation of prototypes, the finalization of models, it is a world of creation and imagination which draws its inspiration from fashions from all over the world, not just french fashion. Our comfortable designer shoes and boots are the result of our upscale designers that work here.

Three fundamental elements are integral parts of Arche quality and contribute to footwear comfort: shapes, materials, soles...

Hundreds of hours are spent carefully perfecting and studying shapes. They are constantly updated in function of evolution and fashion trends, and are adapted to regional morphological differences. A unique manufacturing procedure for maximum well-being, even after hours of walking and wear. We strive to create comfortable shoes, boots, and sandals with designer style.

The most beautiful leathers of European origin: nubuck calf, glove quality full-grain calfskin, deerskin, peccary...

Our fine leathers are traditionally tanned with extreme care to preserve their authentic look, their exceptional softness, all of their natural qualities that make Arche shoes so amazingly comfortable.

The choice of skins used for the shoes is the key to offering the most flexible and fashionable models. It is a vital step in the development of Arche footwear. The extreme suppleness and the quality of traditional tanning, based on an artisanal technique which respects the leather’s natural appearance, is one of the many secrets behind the comfort of Arche. This quality also defines the rich range of Arche colors, with the skins being dyed to the very core.

Arche shoes are exclusive, using a rich palette of materials and colors that reflect the latest trends. Our choice of colorful suede and luxurious leather make our shoes, boots and sandals very fashionable footwear. Our handbags and purses reflect style as well as fashion. Our designer handbags and purses come in a variety of colors, leathers, and suedes, providing a polished look for Arche woman.

Soles made of 100% natural Latex, pure hevea milk. Harvested in tropical Asia according to ancestral traditions, stored in liquid form so that is will not be denatured, poured by hand into sole moulds created by Arche, hevea milk gives exceptional comfort to Arche’s soles. Hevea milk is noble and living, an exceptional product. The label, Lactae Hevea, guarantees authenticity.

Research into soles, the basis for Arche’s legendary comfort and flexibility, is also conducted at this centre devoted to walking comfort. The aluminum moulds used to manufacture the hevea milk soles are also designed there.

Arche shoes, the ultimate in authenticity.


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