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If you think too
much, walk. If you
can't think, walk.
If you think poorly,
walk some more.

the art of walking

Pierre-Robert Hélaine,
Arche founder, 1968

At the origin... was the "seventies"

Because lately it seems that the 70’s are recycled, parodied and resurrected with a mixture of nostalgia and fatality. You can feel it in fashion, design, music...

At a time that was marked by enthusiasm and protest, Arche created its first products incorporating essential notions from the 70’s, the very foundation of a timeless concept: well-being, serenity and harmony, difference, multiculturalism and color.

For 40 years, Arche has been assembling its designer shoes, boots, sandals and handbags by a team of crafts artisans in the Chateau Region of France not far from Paris. Every pair of Arche shoes are hand crafted to perfection with the goal of providing the absolutely best product possible. Arche brings you a rich and inviting color palette gathered from the latest fashion trends.

Arche begins with the belief that Black and Brown do not go with everything. Every Arche Collection of shoes, boots and sandals are then offered in a myriad of colorations that correspond exactly to fashion enabling our customer to always look her best. All Arche shoes, boots and sandals feature 100% natural Latex cushioning for maximum durability, flexibility and unrelenting shock absorption. Supple water and scratch resistant Nubuck Leather repels the elements while creating a cozy and breathable home for the foot. All Arche shoes, boots and sandals provide instant comfort that will create a bounce in each step.

After much research into contours and shapes, Arche has devised shoes, boots and sandals that will provide you with hours and hours of comfort and well-being. Modern, simple, and durable; these timeless classics have made Arche a "trademark” of great style. Arche brings you the best in supple European leathers and the softest nubucks. Arche’s unique care with the traditional tannery process allows these leathers to maintain their authentic look and feel.

Our creative designs, advanced research into lasts and soles, the finest European soft leather, nubuck that is so comfortable to wear, the utmost care that we use in our traditional tanning and manufacturing processes, all add up to a unique, original and unequalled style that comes with a guarantee of superior comfort in our shoes and boots.


store locations

130 W 57th Street
moving to 145 W 57th Street
- Winter 2017
manager: Amanda Roseman

166 Newbury Street
Boston, MA 02116
manager: Martine Purple

1015 Madison Avenue
New York, NY
manager: Niania M'Bengue
9638 Brighton Way,
Beverly Hills, 90210
manager: Cynthia Stewart

1045 Third Avenue
New York, NY 10065
manager: Shirley Bravo